Time To Act

The number of women facing criminal investigation under Great Britain’s cruel and outdated abortion law is increasing. It is Time To Act.

England & Wales have the most severe punishment for an “illegal” abortion in the world – up to life imprisonment. This is worse than countries and states with severe anti-abortion laws such as Texas, Afghanistan, and South Sudan.

Just last year, a woman in England was sentenced to 28 months in prison after using abortion pills to end her own pregnancy. Five more women have appeared in court over the last year.

In a matter of weeks – MPs will have the opportunity to vote to end prison time once and for all for women who end their pregnancies.


By getting your MP to support Dame Diana Johnson’s amendment – you can help change the law and end the trauma of lengthy police investigations, prosecutions and prison time. Because we owe it to our women.

Reforming Abortion Law - Position statement


We’ve joined with over 30 leading women’s rights organisations like the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists, The Royal College of Midwives, The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rape Crisis England & Wales to create a position statement calling on the government to reform the Abortion Act 1967 to decriminalise women seeking to end their own pregnancies

Read our position statement here.

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