BPAS comment on SPUC and Life Voice at Edinburgh Fringe

Katherine O’Brien, Associate Director of Communications and Campaigns, said:

“Anti-abortion groups, like SPUC, have a long history of trying to infiltrate spaces by hiding their organisations true aims and beliefs. On the face of it, a play addressing “a tangled Gen-Z web of abuse and exploitation” might sound inoffensive, if rather hackneyed, but of course we don’t know if this is a vehicle for SPUC to use to promote their anti-abortion lies to unsuspecting audiences. It is ironic, given that these groups so often accuse abortion providers of hiding they truth, that nowhere on the advert for this “production” does it make clear that this is being staged by an anti-choice campaign group.

Life Voice peddle scientifically inaccurate, and potentially damaging, abortion myths, suggesting that ending a pregnancy can have “serious and life long consequences” for women which is simply untrue. We hope that SPUC and Life Voice are more upfront with their potential audience about who they really are – extreme ideologues with an indifference to truth.”


For further information, please contact Katherine O’Brien, BPAS Associate Director of Campaigns and Communications, on katherine.o’brien@bpas.org or 07881 265276.

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